Fiddlers Three - Play

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  • 2017

The last play written by Agatha Christie. A prank turns ugly when a group of young people attempt to hide a corpse.

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Trying to get their hands on more than a little inheritance, a group of young people hide the body of a dead tycoon. But what starts as a lark quickly becomes all too serious when they discover that the body is in fact a murder victim. A comedy about business and finance, with a strong undercurrent of criminal activity, the play combines humour, intricate plotting and a confounding murder.

The Stage described it as, “A different Agatha Christie. The play has deserted the familiar path of the whodunnit type thriller into the realms of black comedy. The action is played for laughs rather than chills, but once the story line has been established, there is plenty of humour and sparkle to carry it along to the usual surprise climax.”

The play was originally performed in Bristol in 1971, titled Fiddler's Five. Following the performance, Christie revised the scripted, combined two characters and simplified several of the red herrings and Fiddlers Three was completed in 1972.

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