• Poetry
  • 1973

Poems on love, war and music. Published along side her final novel, this was Agatha Christie's second collection of poems. This is the second collection of Agatha Christie’s poems and was published at the same time as her novel, Postern of Fate.

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The collection is divided into two volumes. Volume I includes all of the poems featured in the 1925 collection, The Road of Dreams. Volume II is made up of four sections titled Things, Places, Love Poems and Others and Verses of Nowadays.

In the section Love Poems and Others, Agatha Christie included a poem titled To M.E.L.M. in Absence, the dedication being to her second husband Max (Edgar Lucien) Mallowan. It is often assumed this was written during the Second World War when Max was sent to Egypt and Christie remained in England.

The poem Remembrance was published as a standalone in a sixteen page volume in 1988 by Souvenir Press, illustrated by Richard Allen. In 1989, another poem from the collection, My Flower Garden, was also printed as a standalone, again sixteen pages and illustrated by Richard Allen.

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