The Case of the Discontented Soldier

Short Story

First published: 1934

A Parker Pyne story


The Case of the Discontented Soldier

The recently retired Major Wilbraham is bored and unhappy so he answers Parker Pyne’s newspaper ad. Before long he embarks on a daring adventure to find treasure in the wilds of Africa.

More about this story

A solider returned to England after his service of the Empire in East Africa has retired and now knows nothing but boredom. It is up to Parker Pyne to instil some excitement back into the man’s life. Again Parker Pyne uses his trademark double-bluff, resolving the situation without any party knowing he did so.

This story briefly features novelist Ariadne Oliver, who is more regularly seen alongside Poirot and considered a parallel of Agatha Christie herself. The story was published in the 1934 collection Parker Pyne Investigates.

Adapted for TV in 1982 as part of the BBC’s Agatha Christie Hour, Parker Pyne was played by Maurice Denham, Miss Lemon by Angela Easterling and Ariadne Oliver by Lally Bowers.

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