The Case of the Rich Woman

  • Parker Pyne
  • Short Story
  • 1932

Mrs Abner Rymer may be a rich widow but she is shunned by her friends and is very lonely. After Parker Pyne takes her to see Dr Constantine, Mrs Rymer passes out and awakens with a totally different identity. From Parker Pyne Investigates.

More about this story

From humble roots, Mrs Amelia Rymer married rich and initial enjoyed the novelties that come with wealth and status. Now widowed and friendless, Mrs Rymer seeks something more. Enter Parker Pyne and his team.

This story is the second in Parker Pyne collection to mention Ariadne Oliver, although her part in the story is not entirely clear. The story was first published in 1932 in the USA in Cosmopolitan, under the title The Rich Woman Who Wanted Only To Be Happy.

This story first appeared in the US in Cosmopolitan magazine, and later in the collection of short stories, Parker Pyne Investigates.

It has never been adapted.

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