Jane In Search Of A Job

  • Short Story
  • 1934

Jane Cleveland is in desperate need of a job, when she sees an advert for a woman of her description is needed to impersonate a grand duchess she cannot believe her luck. The royal retainers tell Jane that the job will be dangerous because attempts have been made on the Grand Duchess Pauline’s life, but this only serves to make the job appeal to her even more. Jane’s disguise initially goes according to plan, until she is kidnapped and drugged – it appears that her new employers are not all that they seem…

More about this story

The advert in the paper was too perfect to pass up - Jane's height, build and age. She was good at accents and could even speak French. Little did she know that the woman she was being paid to impersonate had secrets of her own.

The story first appeared in a UK collection in 1934, The Listerdale Mystery, and it was not until 1971 that it was published in the US collection The Golden Ball and Other Stories. It was adapted for TV in 1982 as part of the series The Agatha Christie Hour.

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