Murder in the Studio

  • Hercule Poirot
  • Play
  • 2017

A collection of three radio plays including a Poirot story for live performance comprising Personal Call, Yellow Iris and Butter in a Lordly Dish.

More about this story

Murder in the Studio comprises of the following three radio plays:

Personal Call sees James Brent haunted by his dead wife when he receives a mysterious telephone call, seemingly from beyond the grave.
Yellow Iris marked Hercule Poirot's debut appearance on radio in which the famous detective is called to the hotel Jardin des Cygnes to solve an old case in which a cold-blooded killer escaped justice and slipped through his fingers.
Butter in a Lordly Dish sees eminent prosecution barrister Sir Luke Enderby get his comeuppance in one of Christie's most gruesome and horrifying murders.

Radio owes much to Agatha Christie. For more than 60 years, her whodunnits have been shaped into afternoon plays, classic serials and Saturday-night dramas that defend the moral order, stimulate the grey cells.
Paul Donovan, Sunday Times

Agatha Christie's radio plays have been successfully performed on stage in various different combinations and production styles in the United Kingdom, Australia, USA and China.

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