The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse was produced by Mammoth Screen and Agatha Christie Limited for BBC One. Rufus Sewell stars as Mark Easterbrook.


When a murder investigation is launched into the death of a young woman, a mysterious list of names is discovered in her shoe, prompting an inquiry not only to find the killer, but also to understand the list of names. Who wrote the list, and who do these names refer to?

One of those named, is widowed antique dealer, Mark Easterbrook, who despite having found love again, with new wife Hermia, is still haunted by the tragic death of his first wife, Delphine. The Pale Horse tells the story of Mark’s investigation into how and why his name came to appear on the list; an investigation that leads him to the peculiar home of a trio of rumoured witches, The Pale Horse, in the beautiful village of Much Deeping. Word has it that the witches can do away with a rich relative, by supernatural means alone…

Despite Mark’s scepticism of the paranormal, he cannot help but be consumed by the increasingly strange and extraordinary things that begin to happen around him. Is this too the work of the witches of The Pale Horse, and does this mean he is next on their list? Or can he find a rational explanation and identify the killer before they catch up with him?

The Pale Horse premiered on BBC One in the UK in February 2020, and on Amazon Prime in the US in March 2020.

Other international release dates were as follows: Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, New Zealand and The Netherlands (March 2020), France and Norway (April 2020), and Finland (December 2020).

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The Pale Horse Cast

Discover the all-star cast of The Pale Horse, with protagonist Mark Easterbrook played by Rufus Sewell. He is joined by Kaya Scodelario as Hermia Easterbrook, Bertie Carvel as Zachariah Osborne and Sean Pertwee as Detective Inspector Lejeune.

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Did you know?

  1. Rufus Sewell drives a blue Lagonda DH 1954 in the TV show

  2. The copy of Francisco de Zurbarán's Agnus Dei painting in Mark's office has featured in all five Sarah Phelps adaptations

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