Armchair Travel: The Agatha Christie Luggage Tag

L Inline Luggage Tag

The lack of international travel doesn't mean your holiday spirit has to be cancelled. Celebrate the escapism of reading a good Christie with our armchair travel activities.

The Agatha Christie printable is perfect for sharing your reading journey with us.

You'll need: A4 Paper, kitchen scissors, glue stick or double-sided tape, ribbon or string (optional: hole punch)

What to do?

  • Download the activity using the button below
  • Save it onto your computer and press print
  • Follow the cutting instructions to create your own luggage tag
  • Cut/hole-punch the circle and thread a piece of string or ribbon through it
  • Fill in the details to determine where your story will take you
  • Attach the luggage tag to a bag and photograph
  • You can share your book title with us, or just fill out the details and make others guess what you'll be reading

So here goes...

passenger name: Sarah Thrift

travel destination: Devon

travel companion: Hercule Poirot

Can you guess what I'm reading at the moment?

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