Greenway: A Puzzle copy

Welcome to a brand new series of activities, designed to help keep fans busy. We'll be creating digital jigsaws to celebrate Christie locations which many of us are currently unable to visit.

Hercule Poirot sat in a square chair in front of the square fireplace in the square room of his London flat. In front of him were various objects that were not square: that were instead violently and almost impossibly curved. Each of them, studied separately, looked as if it could not have any conceivable function in a sane world. They appeared improbable, irresponsible, and wholly fortuitous. In actual fact, of course, they were nothing of the sort. Assessed correctly, each had its particular place in a particular universe. Assembled in their proper place in their particular universe, they not only made sense, they made a picture. In other words, Hercule Poirot was doing a jigsaw puzzle.
Dead Man's Folly, Agatha Christie

Observe the view of the River Dart from Greenway by completing this puzzle. (Image Credit: Chris Pope)

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