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A visit to the South Coast of the United Kingdom isn't possible for any of us right now, so we wanted to share the stories inspired by Agatha Christie's beautiful holiday home, Greenway. Now readers can explore the English seaside from home. Enjoy!

Dead Man’s Folly

When Sir George and Lady Stubbs plan a garden fȇte in the grounds of their home, they request famous author Ariadne Oliver’s assistance to create a murder mystery hunt. Mrs Oliver in turn calls her friend Hercule Poirot to join her for the celebrations at Nasse House - although she couldn’t have predicted the death of a local girl at the festivities.

Greenway is fully recognisable in this novel, from the detail of the house to exact descriptions of the lane leading up to it, and the views over the River Dart (the River Helm in the book). Even the youth hostel up the road exists. The murder happens in the boathouse, which you can see in real life.

Five Little Pigs

Sixteen years ago, Caroline Crale was convicted of killing her husband Amyas. She died in prison. Her daughter Carla, now living in Canada, is convinced she was innocent and calls in Hercule Poirot to investigate. As he dredges up the past, Poirot comes across five other suspects who he names the ‘Five Little Pigs’ - all acquainted with the family and present on the day of the murder.

The Crales’ Devon home of Alderbury is inspired by Greenway - even down to the Battery Garden where Amyas’ body is discovered. The name Amyas may have been inspired by a young man from Agatha’s youth, with whom she had had a picnic at Ansteys Cove in Torquay.

Ordeal by Innocence

Rachel Argyle was brutally murdered by her adoptive son Jacko two years ago, and the family are slowly moving on - until one day a stranger claiming to be Jacko’s alibi calls at their home. They now have to adjust to the fact that the deceased Jacko may have been innocent, and also that any one of them could be a murderer. The stranger, Arthur Calgary, takes it upon himself to investigate further, much to the chagrin of the Argyle family.

The story is set principally across the river from Greenway, and the Greenway bell (renamed in the book) is rung to summon the ferry across the River Dart (also renamed). The town of Drymouth represents nearby Dartmouth.

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