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Read Christie 2024

1st May 2024

Join the official reading challenge, Read Christie 2024. This month we are reading The ABC Murders.

Quizzes Thumbnail MOTOE Spot The Difference

Murder on the Orient Express : Spot the Difference

Can you locate all 13 differences in these pictures from Murder on the Orient Express?

Quizzes Wordsearch Thumbnail Final

Poirot's Travels: A Word Search

Try our latest word search featuring 14 destinations around the world, visited by Poirot in his stories.

Quizzes Polish 1

Midwinter Murder: A Puzzle

Complete our latest digital jigsaw of the artwork from the Polish edition of Midwinter Murder

Quizzes Thumbnail MOTOE Screen Grab

Murder on the Orient Express: A Puzzle

Solve the jigsaw to reveal in-game footage from the new Murder on the Orient Express video game

Quizzes MAIN Travel Sized

Poirot's Travels: A Quiz

Challenge yourself to score 100% on this quiz on Poirot's travels

Quizzes Thumbnail A Haunting In Venice Jigsaw Image

A Haunting in Venice: A Puzzle

Complete this digital jigsaw of a stylish poster from the film, A Haunting in Venice

Quizzes Red Kimono

The World of Hercule Poirot: A Puzzle Preview

Take a sneak peek at The World of Hercule Poirot jigsaw with this preview digital jigsaw.

Quizzes Thumbnail Surfing Word Search

Surfing: A Word Search

Hunt for the hidden surfing terms in this word search.

Quizzes Thumbnail AC Crossword

All About Christie : A Crossword

Test your trivia with this Agatha Christie themed crossword


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