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Why Do We Read Crime at Christmas?

29th November 2023

Writers, readers and experts explain why they are drawn to mysteries at Christmas

Quizzes Thumbnail Unfinished Portrait Artwork

Unfinished Portrait: A Puzzle

Assembling the pieces will reveal the beautiful illustration adorning the cover of Unfinished Portrait, one of the Mary Westmacott books.

Quizzes Thumbnail Books And Poisons

Poison: A Puzzle

Solve our latest poison digital jigsaw to unveil some of Christie's best mysteries

Quizzes Thumbnail The Moving Finger Artwork

The Moving Finger: A Puzzle

Assemble the pieces to reveal the cover artwork from the UK edition of The Moving Finger

Quizzes Wordsearch Thumbnail Final

Tommy and Tuppence: A Wordsearch

Identify all 12 references to Tommy and Tuppence in this brand new word search

Quizzes Thumbnail Cryptogram

Quote on Love: A Cryptogram

Decipher the code to reveal a cryptic quote on love

Quizzes Thumbnail Acrostic

Romance: An Acrostic

Try our brand new and exciting acrostic puzzle exploring all things love in Agatha Christie

Quizzes Tand T At Beach

Tommy and Tuppence: A Puzzle

Complete this digital jigsaw of Tommy and Tuppence from the 2016 BBC adaptation.

Quizzes Thumbnail Sad Cypress

Sad Cypress: A Puzzle

Assemble the jigsaw to reveal five beautiful editions of Sad Cypress

Quizzes Thumbnail 1

Christmas Books: A Puzzle

Complete December's digital jigsaw to reveal a selection of Christmas books and treats


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