Blindman's Buff

Short Story

First published: 1929

Tommy & Tuppence


Blindman's Buff

The imposters at Blunt's detective agency receive a warning; who is after Tommy and Tuppence?

More about this story

While lunching in the chic Gold Room, Tommy masquerades as a blind detective. The Beresfords are approached by the elegant Duke of Blairgowrie for help in locating his missing daughter. Before going off to aid the duke, the “blind” Tommy dictates a vital menu to Tuppence.

Tommy is imitating Thornley Colton, “the blind problemist,” the sightless detective created by Clinton Holland Stagg (1890-1916). Colton depended on what he heard, felt, and smelt to solve his mysteries; Colton’s “eyes” are his secretary, here played by Tuppence.

This story was published by Collins in the collection Partners in Crime, 1929. It also featured in the 1983 TV series Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime, with Francesca Annis and James Warwick.

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