Miss Marple's Final Cases

  • Miss Marple
  • Collection (9 stories)
  • 1979

A collection of Miss Marple mysteries, plus some bonus short stories…

First, the mystery man in the church with a bullet-wound… then, the riddle of a dead man’s buried treasure… the curious conduct oif a caretaker after a fatal riding accident… the corpse and a tape-measure… the girl framed for theft… and the suspect accused of stabbing his wife with a dagger.

Six gripping cases with one thing in common – the astonishing deductive powers of Miss Marple.

Also includes two non-Marple mysteries, ‘The Dressmaker’s Doll’ and ‘In a Glass Darkly’.

In this collection

Miss Marple
Strange Jest
Miss Marple
Tape-Measure Murder
Miss Marple
The Case of the Caretaker
Miss Marple
Miss Marple Tells a Story
Miss Marple
Greenshaw's Folly
Miss Marple

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