Problem at Pollensa Bay

  • Parker Pyne
  • Short Story
  • 1939

Holidaying Mallorca, Parker Pyne is approached by a fellow British guest looking for some assistance saving her son from an unsuitable marriage... From Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories and The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories.

More about this story

Parker Pyne can't escape his talent of solving people's problems even when he's on holiday. In fact his fellow guest Mrs Chester leaps on the opportunity for someone to save her son from an unfavourable marriage.

When this story was published in the USA in 1936 in Liberty it was entitled Siren Business. Quite appropriate since it features Paker Pyne's assistant, the beautiful, vampish Madeleine de Sara (aka Maggie Sayers from South London). This story first appeared in book form in 1939 in the US collection The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories. Then in 1966, it appeared in the now unavailable collection Thirteen for Luck!, before finally appearing in the UK in 1991's Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories.

It has never been adapted.

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