The Listerdale Mystery

  • Collection (12 stories)
  • 1934

Twelve tantalizing cases… the curious disappearance of Lord Listerdale; a newlywed’s fear of her ex-fiance; a strange encounter on a train; a domestic murder investigation; a wild man’s sudden personality change; a retired inspector’s hunt for a murderess; a young woman’s impersonation of a duchess; a necklace hidden in a basket of cherries; a mystery writer’s arrest for murder; an astonishing marriage proposal; a soprano’s hatred for a baritone; the case of the rajah’s emerald.

A murderer is seldom content with one crime.

Agatha Christie, The Listerdale Mystery

More about this collection

This selection of mysteries, some lighthearted, some romantic and some very deadly all have one thing in common: the skillful hand of Agatha Christie.

They are, without exception, the work of an experienced and artful cook.
Times Literary Supplement

This collection was published in 1934 in the UK. The collection includes the first book appearance of the story 'Philomel Cottage', which was turned into a highly successful play. It was later adapted into two feature films and has been televised in the UK.

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