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  • 1962

Part of the triple bill Rule of Three, which also features The Rats and Afternoon at the Seaside.

Get four people all het up and accusing each other, get an embittered and malicious woman on her own and invite her to spill the beans. It gives one some material to work on, doesn’t it?


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The Patient, known as Mrs. Wingfield, has been horribly injured in a fall from her balcony. Unable to communicate, it could have been an accident, attempted suicide or worse still a cold-blooded killer bent on murder. As relatives gather round her hospital bed the tension builds as an ingenious device helps Mrs. Wingfield convey a message that could solve the mystery.

An excellent mystery thriller with an unbeatable final line.
Charles Osborne

The Patient was first presented as part of The Rule of Three which also features The Rats and Afternoon at the Seaside. It toured the United Kingdom in 1961 and subsequently opened at the Duchess Theatre in the West End in 1962.

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