The Regatta Mystery

  • Parker Pyne
  • Short Story
  • 1939

When a young woman performs a magic trick to vanish a diamond and it is truly lost, Parker Pyne must get to the bottom of the mystery. From The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories and Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories.

More about this story

The Morning Star, a priceless diamond, vanishes with the flick of a magic trick and Parker Pyne must find out where it has gone.

The story is set in a part of Devon Agatha Christie grew to adore, based near the holiday home she bought in 1938, Greeenway House. The house itself is built on the bank of the bank of the River Dart and has beautiful views towards Dartmouth. It's now owned and managed by the National Trust. It's also likely that the 17th Century Royal Castle Hotel in Dartmouth may have been the location that Agatha Christie used for the dinner party in this story.

The original magazine publication of the story actually featured Hercule Poirot as the lead detective in 1936, but Agatha Christie replaced him with Parker Pyne for the first book edition of the story in the US collection The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories. The story also appeared in the now out of print collection Thirteen for Luck! in 1966. It was later published in the UK collection Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories (1991).

It has never been adapted.

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