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Hunt A Killer Joins Forces with Agatha Christie Ltd for an Immersive Whodunit

28th September 2021

Introducing The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge, a new immersive game from Hunt A Killer and Agatha Christie Ltd

Book of the Month Thumbnail Bythe Pricking

Book of the Month: By the Pricking of My Thumbs

Tommy and Tuppence become embroiled in a dangerous mystery

Reading Lists Thumbnail Aclpicks

Agatha Christie Ltd. Recommend

A reading guide from the staff at Agatha Christie Ltd

Reading Lists Thumbnail Sad Cypress

Book Bloggers Recommend

Book bloggers choose their favourite Agatha Christie story for us

Book of the Month Thumbnails 13 Problems

Book of the Month: The Thirteen Problems

Miss Marple dazzles guests with her deductive skills

Features Thumbnail Houndofdeath

Agatha Christie: Horror Writer?

An exploration or Agatha Christie's horror, and supernatural-themed stories

Features Thumbnail Marple

Facts About Miss Marple

Essential facts about Agatha Christie's Miss Marple

Features Thumbnail Sidekciks

Hercule Poirot's Sidekicks

A guide to Hercule Poirot's top sidekicks

Features Thumbnail Psychic Sign

Sophie Hannah on Sidekicks

Sophie Hannah talks about the importance of Poirot's sidekicks

Extract Thumbnail Extract Towards Zero

Read an Extract from Towards Zero

Meet Nevile Strange, the charismatic sports star in this exclusive extract


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